Our service

Hattrick Agency strives for a comprehensive service for its players.
First of all, it is for us to provide the player with a club in which he will be satisfied, with the training
background, conditions for development, salary conditions. It is also a priority for us that our player in
the club plays as much as possible and there is mutual satisfaction with the player’s minute on the

When signing the contract, we provide sports equipment for our players in case of interest.
In the next period of our player’s operation in the agency, thanks to our partners, each player has
various benefits and advantages up to 50% for sports equipment, activities, mental coach, lawyer.

We want to provide our players with the best possible conditions for their next sports, but also human

We have different nationalities in the agency, and players of different ages. Each player is specific and our form
of service is also specific and difficult to describe in a nutshell.
Foreign players have more care when it comes to arrivals and departures to the club. We emphasize their
minutes in matches and also so that they show up as much as possible and sell them further to Europe.
For young players, the emphasis is on creating a kind of sports incubator so that they feel strong support, we
lobby in relation to coaches, we prepare players in terms of mental and especially material sports. And seniors
who have already played in top football, the emphasis is on their data, marketing, inviting various high-ranking
scouts, managers to their matches and making their performances known to the widest possible football
public. Also in case of injuries, we offer medical care or individual training, if it is necessary to replace the club
in this area.



Mgr. art Peter Olejár
Hattrick Agency